Terrumina® is a Pen-and-Paper-RolePlaying-Game (PnP-RPG for short), which is currently in active development. The whole design and fleshing-out is done by a single person, allowing a broad persepective over all aspects of the game at once while ensuring its quality by the same high standards at all times. The cost of this desicion is a slow development speed up to temporary halts due to issues concering creativity or unrelated problems. I will however promise to finish this against all possible hardships, regardless of what kind of delays may occur. I can also promise that the game itself in its digital form [which will be identical to the current printed version] will be truely free of charge. There will be no paying for expansions, updates or classes or the like. There might be, at some point related stuff, like books, simple videogames with RPG-Maker or similar created by me which is not free of charge, but neither will those happed prior to the full release or be necessary to enjoy the full experience of the game. However, please consider donating via paypal to reward the countless hours I spend making this, although my only reward for this will be my thankful feelings toward you.

Terrumina® aims to provide a set of realistic, yet simple and fun-to-use rules for green or veteran players alike, while remaining flexible enough to work in any world you may decide to play in. Employing a mathematical approach to the core structure of the game up to estimates of the cost to wield the wildest powers, a high quality amount of balance between powers, monsters and players alike can be achieved, and simultaniously enable accurate fine-tuning and transparancy for all rules.
The rules come with 3 settings in different times of the world of Terrumina®, providing the opportunity to chose your own adventure in either the medieval-themed world, ruled by the Ecclesiarchy of humans and Angels, or the gigantic steampunk city 'Arc' in a land of flourishing magic and technology or the future, in which magic has almost left the land and all of society is under control of the megacorporations, which use them as pawns for their everlasting competition.

As choice is an integral part for PnP-RPGs, the full released version (1.0) will feature not only 15+ classes, but 35+ races and a background-system of all associations and narratives that come with a change in abilities. To further enhance the freedom which is offered by the format of PnP-RPGs, where imagination is the only limit, the game will be released with all the information you need to know to start designing your own classes, powers, items or races for your games.

From this website you will be able to download the full game once it's released (or ready for playtesting if you would like to do so) and access information regarding the world Terrumina® plays in. Some more features like a forum for the discussion of feedback, forming groups and related content are currently planned and worked on, but will take time. Likewise I will gradually reveal more information about Terrumina whenever I find time to do so which wouldn't be better spend on the game itself.

I look forward to make a great game, and hope you will share my opinion of this project I will keep on working until I feel there is nothing left to work on.
- Insangitas